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Patient Safety & Care News

Alder Hey Children's Hospital has claimed it may lose a £4m donation after a damning report by inspectors.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) placed the hospital in a "potentially high risk" category over standards including patient safety.

Patient Safety & Care News

NHS reforms signal to end of staff 'gagging clauses'

So-called "gagging clauses" are to be removed from contracts when a member of staff leaves the NHS.

Health minister Alex Neil said a new standard settlement agreement will be drafted which does not include confidentiality clauses.

Patient Safety & Care News

Stethoscopes 'more contaminated' than doctors' hands

Doctors should disinfect their stethoscopes after every examination because the instruments are heavily contaminated by bacteria, a study says.

Stethoscopes were found to carry as many bacteria as the palms of doctors' hands, and only doctors' fingertips were 'dirtier'.

Patient Safety & Care News

Piggy Lane, Bicester care home safety criticised in report

Staffing levels at a care home in Oxfordshire could affect patient safety, an inspection has found.

The Piggy Lane unit for adults with learning and physical disabilities in Bicester was also criticised by the Care quality Commission (CQC) for its assessment of patients.

Patient Safety & Care News

Patients 'are safer with better-educated nurses'

A Europe-wide study suggests that nurse education and patient to nursing staff ratios may impact on patient outcomes.